Pabla Marketing Helps Medical Practice Secure Local Press Coverage

FRESNO, CA The multi-specialty eyecare practice, EMC wanted to increase awareness for their community initiative, so we created a out-reach campaign that would attract the attention of local press. Using our proprietary marketing process, we carefully selected the media channels and wrote the messaging we felt would best resonate with reporters. Then our team swung for the fences and immediately arranged for Dr. Mazi Bidar to appear on ABC30 Fresno – same day! 

While we can never guarantee this level of media coverage, especially at the start of a new campaign, we can say with confidence that this interview is unlikely to have happened without our significant experience and proven processes.

How much media coverage are you earning? When is your next media interview? Even one local or regional story can reach thousands of people with your messaging. Contact us if you need professional marketers and publicists to give you a boost.


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